Periodic observation of the Contractor’s work to determine if it conforms to the design requirements and the contract is complied with.

Services include technical observation of work during construction to help verify conformance with the Contract Documents and review and approve Contractor invoices.

  • Coordinate and conduct the pre-construction meeting with the Contractor, Owner, and other parties, and prepare a meeting summary.
  • Periodic observation of the repair work.
  • Obtaining material samples and laboratory testing by qualified testing laboratories when needed.
  • Issuance of periodic progress reports.
  • In some jurisdictions, depending upon the type of work, “Special Inspections” are required and SRG serves as the “Special Inspector” on certain aspects of the work.
  • Conduct periodic progress meetings with the Owner and Contractor to review past work, resolve questions, and planning for future work.
  • Issuance of progress meeting summaries.
  • Review and approval of Contractor Pay Requests (invoices).
  • Preparation of Change Orders to incorporate additional work and schedule changes into the Contract.
  • Preparation of punch list(s).
  • Issuance of a final acceptance report once all work has been completed and accepted by the Owner.