Project Description

Heritage Gate Condominium

Heritage Gate Condominium
Germantown, MD

Building Usage: Occupied Condominium

Number of Stories: Stacked townhouses, three (3) stories above grade

Number of Units: 108 residential units in eight (8) clusters of approximately 72 townhouse style structures.

Construction Contract Value: $1.0 million (approximate value)

Type of Work: Roofing replacement, installation of flashings as windows, doors and deck-to building transitions, as well as weather resistive barrier replacement. Replacement of aluminum siding with new vinyl siding and removal and replacement of wood trim with synthetic PVC trim on wood framed structures.

SRG’s Role: SRG was retained to develop a design package to replace the building envelope (roofing and cladding).  An architect was retained as a sub-consultant to provide a color, siding and trim schedule to update the appearance of the community, and address long-term maintenance issues by replacing the roofing system, flashings and cladding components.  Services included bidding, construction observation and contract administration as well as providing consultations regarding deficient existing decks and development of deck replacement guidelines for the Board to use as a standard community wide.