Seminary Walk Condominium

Seminary Walk Condominium
Alexandria, VA

Building Usage: Occupied Condominium

Number of Stories: Three (3) stories

Number of Buildings:  18

Construction Contract Value: $850,000 (approximate)

Type of Work: Replacement of steel and wood framed balconies.

SRG’s Role: SRG was retained to investigate the balconies at the subject property which consisted of two (2) styles of balconies.  A portion of the project included wood framed balconies while the other portion of the project included balconies that consisted of a combination of wood and cantilevered steel framing.

SRG was retained to develop a design package to replace both deck types.  The hybrid wood/steel type required significant reframing utilizing steel posts and beams and new footings to support the modified structure, enhanced to meet current code requirements.  The project was challenged with a tight balcony replacement time frame as HVAC units located on some decks needed to be temporarily decommissioned and relocated during the work.  SRG’s services included investigation, design, bidding, construction observation and contract administration for the project. The project was performed in two (2) phases over sequential years.